January 6, 2020

Concession Contract at The New York State Fairgrounds’ Exposition Center Awarded to Veteran Concessions Company

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The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has awarded the contract to operate year-round concessions in the Exposition Center at the New York State Fairgrounds to Paradise Companies of NY, LLC. The contract covers five years and requires Paradise to buy certain products grown or manufactured in New York. Paradise Companies is a veteran concessions company, operating 16 stands at the Great New York State Fair, including the iconic Villa Pizze Fritte. Nine companies submitted bids for the concessions contract.

“We are pleased to have received so many qualified bids for this important contract. It’s a reflection of the excellent reception the new Expo Center has received from the event planning community. With most weekends already filled for 2020 in the Expo Center, we are pleased to expand our working relationship with Paradise Companies,” said Troy Waffner, Fair Director.

Paradise Companies’ bid was evaluated to provide the greatest value to the state. Paradise will provide to the Fair commissions of 34% on gross sales up to $125,000, 33% on sales of more than $125,000 and up to $250,000, 31% on sales of more than $250,000 and up to $375,000 and 10% on sales above $375,000. As part of the contract, the Fair retains the right to include other food concession services in up to five events per year.

All of Paradise’s milk, cream and cheese products; hotdogs, sausage and bratwurst; bottled water, wine, ciders and spirits must be produced, processed or manufactured in New York State. In addition, all coffee must have been roasted in New York and 80% of all beer must be produced or manufactured in New York. At least one concession stand must carry products branded under the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets’ Taste NY program.

The Taste NY program has created opportunities for local producers to showcase their goods at a variety of venues throughout the State and at large public events, such as the Great New York State Fair and the Barclays Tournament at Bethpage State Park. It has also helped the farms and companies participating in the program to reach more customers, increase online sales, and, in many cases, expand the processing capacity of their businesses. Taste NY’s food and beverage businesses also support the State’s farmers by using New York grown and produced ingredients in their products.