Empire RV Park

Bring your home with you.

RV Park Guidelines

Not all events at the Fairgrounds will make use of the Empire RV Park. Please check with your event’s promoter for details.


  • Campsites are supplied with water, electric (120 volt/30amp or 240 volt/50amp), sewer and locations for garbage disposal.
  • You must bring/supply your own water hose, sewer pipe and electrical cords to reach water/electric hookups and sewer drop.
  • You must only use the water/electric hookups and sewer drop that are provided for your respective location.
  • Electrical cords must not be placed where vehicles can cross or park on them. If they are, Fair officials will order them disconnected. Hardwiring into Fair electrical panel boxes is prohibited and will result in revocation of your RV parking permit.
  • For health reasons, all RVs must have their own holding tanks.
  • Hose stations are provided exclusively for filling holding tanks and other temporary service needs.

Assigned Site Guidelines

Your RV and vehicle should be parked either pulled-in or backed-in, centered on the designated camping site number. Site sizes vary. RV vehicles, tow vehicles and other items must fit within the assigned RV site and not impose upon neighboring sites or fire lanes. You must not encroach on the assigned site of another guest with your RV, slide-outs, pop-ups, awnings, grills, furniture, etc. You may not extend beyond the site allotted in any direction. Any vehicle causing a disturbance to neighboring sites, roadways, fire lanes, etc., may be relocated or removed from the property. The close configuration of RV lots requires that our guests behave as good neighbors and conduct themselves in a manner that provides for the comfort and enjoyment of all.


Recreational fires must be contained in a fire pit, ring or fireplace that is no more than 3 feet round and 2 feet high. Fires cannot be directly next to a camper or under an awning or shelter. A portable fire extinguisher or other approved on-site fire-extinguishing equipment, such as dirt, sand, water barrel, garden hose or water truck, must be available for immediate use.


Pets or animals of any kind are not allowed in exhibition areas of the Fairgrounds except those involved in exhibitions, demonstrations or those used as licensed service, hearing or guide dogs. Pets are allowed in the Empire RV Park area, provided that they are licensed pursuant to Article 7 of the Agriculture and Markets Law (dogs only). In addition, all animals in the Empire RV Park area must not be left unattended and be properly restrained either by leash or crate. Owners are expected to provide adequate food, water and humane care for animals pursuant to Article 26 of the Agriculture and Markets Law. Animal Control will be called for pets deemed at risk of endangering the welfare of others.


Tenting is prohibited in the Empire RV Park.


All trash must be placed in plastic trash bags. All areas must be kept free of trash. Trash receptacles and dumpsters will be provided.