Event-Related Services

Let us help you make it great.

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With our in-house team of event experts, we manage the infrastructure and logistics of nearly 200 events a year. We can handle a wide range of services—from busing attendees from our parking lots to your front door, to keeping the buildings and restrooms spic and span, and just about everything in between.

See our menu of services for details and costs. Questions or concerns? Contact meghan.titus@agriculture.ny.gov or call 315.728.4337.

2023-24 Pricing below effective April 1, 2023


Fairgrounds Internet and Wi-Fi Information:

These are service providers that vendors, exhibitors and patrons can contact to provide wired/wireless internet and/or Wi-Fi services.

AT&T Mobility Services
Call 315.898.5655 or click here

New Visions Communications
Call 315.472.6300 or click here

Spectrum Business Internet
Call 315.481.0297 or 315.466.6410 or click here

Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Call 877.297.7816 or click here

Please contact a minimum of 7 business days prior to the event to allow for processing of your request.

The Fairgrounds can also provide Internet and Wi-Fi in several of its buildings. The Fairgrounds can provide Internet Wired Hook-Up* in the following locations: Center of Progress, Coliseum, Exposition Center, and Science & Industry. The Fairgrounds can also provide Wi-Fi in the following locations: Art & Home Center, Center of Progress, Coliseum, Exhibit Center (Dairy Cattle), Exposition Center, Horticulture Building, and Science & Industry.

* Please note your internet needs on your Pre-Event Checklist, which is due thirty (30) days prior to the first move-in date of your event, if you want to contract with the Fairgrounds for internet in these buildings.

Fairgrounds Ice Services:

Please contact via phone or email to place your ice services order.

WE Salle Company - I.C.E. Company of Elmira/Brown Carbonic

6751 Kinne Street, Syracuse, New York 13057
Phone: 315.427.9156
Email: Shawn@BrownCarbonic.com

(Contract expires 12.31.24)